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Lisa D'amico PhD

Artist Bio

Raised in New York, I earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Fine Arts with a concentration in painting and drawing, along with a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. My journey has guided my artwork towards a reflective tour of experiences and observations that I translate into visual form. I am drawn to the beauty and complexity of nature, the human form, and the interplay of color. Through my art, I strive to capture these elements and create a sense of connection and understanding with my audience.

For over twenty years, my work has been exhibited consistently. I have been creating artwork since childhood and I have received numerous awards and accolades throughout my career. My most recent honors are the Visual Artist of the Year Award from the Arts Council of Rockland and the Weir Masterpiece Award Winner from the National Parks Service.

My life and career have been dedicated to the arts and education. I am a New Jersey and New York certified art teacher with twenty years of experience. I co-founded The Bluefield Artists and the annual Rockland Arts Festival. In addition to my artist journey, I am also a curator for the Rockefeller Gallery and a published writer.

Artist Lisa D'Amico standing with paintbrushes in hand next to her painting titled Sonic Latin.
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